TO:                  Towers Owners                                               DATE: 9/1/2010

FROM:            Tom Moore, Chairman, Safety & Security Committee

SUBJECT:     Right of Access to Units

The right of access to units by the Towers Association is found in the Towers "Declaration of Restrictions, Reservations, Covenants, Conditions, and Easements", #7, subsection (g).

This right of access is buttressed by Florida Statute (Chapter 718.111 [5]), which states, in part, "The association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit...". Therefore, the law is clear as to right of access. Unit owners are required to furnish appropriate keys to the office.

The purpose of this memo is to clarify where keys are maintained and who has access to unit keys.

Unit doors can be accessed by master keys maintained by the Board President, Manager, and three maintenance personnel. A copy of individual unit keys are also maintained in the Towers office.

Some unit owners have decided to additionally utilize a padlock on their unit door. These padlock keys are maintained in the Towers office and are not available to maintenance personnel unless signed out to them by the manager as tasks require access to those units.

The Towers office is secured by a door lock and padlock with keys that cannot be copied. There are a limited number of keys to the office, which are issued to the Towers manager, bookkeeper, and necessary board members. These keys are individually numbered and accounted for. No maintenance or front desk personnel have these keys. The office is further secured by a surveillance camera system.

The following procedures are to be practiced by Towers personnel:

1.          Front desk personnel do not have access to units.


2.    Maintenance personnel are not to access units unless requested by the owner, Board President, manager, or maintenance supervisor.


3.          Units are to be accessed only for Towers business (as set forth in Towers
documents and Florida Statute) or as specifically requested by owner to Board President, Vice-president, or manager.


4.          Requests for a Board officer to access units will be for emergencies only.


5.          Specific Towers issues may arise which necessitate access to units by
committee members, i.e., balcony inspection, etc. These individuals will be accompanied by a board member or the manager.