Dear Owners;

In answer to the many inquiries regarding the outcome of the railings I would like to inform the owners the Towers will continue to have the concrete balustrades.  The vote for the aluminum railings fail just a few votes short of passing the percentage of votes required by the Association bylaws. I would like to thank everyone who voted and was part of the process. We love to see the owners taking an active role in the decision making. There were very few owners who voted against the railings, but we had owners who did not get their vote in and unfortunately our bylaws require 75 percent of all owners and we fail just short of that goal. 

Charles Mohler, President

Daytona Beach Ocean Towers 

386-677-1492 Office

386-677-4093 Fax




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with the Bylaws Of the Daytona Beach Ocean Towers Association and Florida’s Condominium Act that a meeting will be held at the following date, time and place:

Date:  Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Time:  6:00 PM

Place:  Daytona Beach Ocean Towers Clubhouse

2800 N. Atlantic Ave.

Daytona Beach, FL. 32118


1) Roll Call

2) Approval of minutes

3) Acceptance of the resignation of Michael DeHaven

4) Appointment of a new Board Member

5) Treasurers Report

6) Approval of Chuck Adams Engineer

7) Approval of building project with aluminum rails and paint color

8) Approval of R&J Contractor 

9) Approval of funding for first phase of building project from Loss               Special Assessment

10) Approval of funding for additions to the roof project (not included in          2016 contract) from reserves

11) Approval of pool project and funding from the reserves

12) Adjournment


Budget & Finance Committee

Saturday, `May 6, 2017



1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of previous meeting minutes

4. Discussion of sources of money on hand

5. How to pay for 1st Phase of Building Repair

6. How to pay for Pool Contract

7. How to pay for connecting fans on roof

8. Comments & Concerns


9. Adjournment


Building & Grounds Committee

Friday, May 5, 2017



1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of previous meeting minutes

4. Discussion of Pool Contract

5. Discussion of First Phase of Building Repair

6. Open floor for discussion


7. Adjournment



Saturday, April 29, 2017

2:00 P.M. in the Clubhouse


1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. Insurance Claims

        Property Insurance

        Flood Insurance

6. Building & Grounds Recommendations 

7. Adjournment

March 3, 2017

Dear Owners/ Rental Agents:

In accordance with the Florida Statute 718, and the Rules and Regulations adopted by The Towers, the Owners’ Documents, and the summary of those rules in the Administrative Handbook, we would like to remind you of the following information concerning your rights and obligations as they relate to renting your unit, and the procedures necessary for listing your unit for sale. The enforcement of these rules and procedures is necessary to insure that all owners and guests are secure and to enable the Towers to interact with outside agencies with correct, up to date information in case of an emergency. Also, due to the expedited work to be contracted in the coming months, Towers Management must have the ability to contact guests regarding the safeguarding of their vehicles.    



An overview of Rental procedures is found on page 1 of the Rules and Regulations. Also, Section D of the Administrative Handbook, pages 24-25, details the procedures for renting Towers condos.  We would like to stress the fact that all leases over 90 days, must be on file at The Towers office, as is described on line 13 of page 12 of the Administrative Handbook.  Parking permits will be issued to renters once a lease or rental agreement is shown.  The parking permits will be good for 90 days maximum, and may be renewed every 90 days – up to a one-year period - after BOD review.  Rental/lease agreements longer than 1 year must be executed by a Florida licensed attorney.  Open-ended contracts will not be accepted.  Missing or expired parking permits may result in the vehicle being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.  

Do not assume that the lease will be approved for renewal. Tenants are expected to follow The Towers’ rules the same as an owner.  Section 2 of page 412 of the Owners’ Documents indicates that the owner has the duty to maintain the unit, even if not in residence. Renters and Lessees must allow access to the unit for maintenance issues.  

If a tenant does not comply with Towers rules, the lease may not be renewed, and the tenant will be expected to leave. Owners are responsible for fines issued as a result of their renter’s actions.  Finally, page 25 of Administrative Handbook, line 9, reminds owners that The Towers is obligated to report subleasing to Volusia County.  

Listing For Sale:

Section G of page 20-21 of The Towers Administrative Handbook describes the procedure to follow when listing your unit for sale.  This is also posted outside the office.  Please review this document if you decide on that action.  It is the owners responsibility to see that the sales agent is familiar with, and follows, these rules so that you do not run into any issues that may delay a transaction.  It is especially important that you adhere to Article X of the Ownership Documents (page 414) which refers to the Right of First Refusal; therefore, you will need to bring a copy of the listing to The Towers office to be posted in the glass case a minimum of 48 hours before accepting an outside offer.  This would constitute notification of intent so that owners can contact you/your agent if interested in purchasing your unit.  It is expected that your notification will begin the process that the office/BOD must do in order to approve the transfer of ownership in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and Administrative Handbook.  Ownership transfer cannot be approved at the same time as the request.  Communication with the Towers Management is essential to insure a problem free process.

These rules are derived from State and local laws, Towers By-Laws, and the Administrative Handbook. Violations could result in sanctions placed upon the Towers.  Such violations may result in fines levied against unit owners. If you utilize a real estate agent or Property Manager, it is your responsibility to see that these rules are followed.  Please refer to the above pages, and contact the office if you have any questions.  The rules are in place to protect you as individuals, and The Towers as a community.  We ask for your cooperation in making The Towers as secure and pleasant as possible.  

DBOT Board of Directors 





Monday, February 20, 2017, at 10:00AM



1. Chairman’s Comments 

2. Organize Committee/ Appoint Officers 

3. Adjournment  

The  Towers  Review …..  January  2017

Audit:   We are in the process of completing our annual audit with the independent audit firm of Martin, Klayer & Associates with the assistance of our bookkeeper Brenda Bray. 

Committees:  The Committees have been chosen and are posted on the Towers website "" and the bulletin board outside the Towers office in the lower lobby.  The committees will start meeting soon. The committees have already started taking an active roll around the Towers. 

Flood:  Albert has met with the flood adjustor and collected the final estimates for the needed repairs and hopefully we will be hearing something soon. 

Garage:  Albert has been in contact with Keith from GC to repair the water leaks still in the garage.  GC was once again on site Saturday January 28th to reseal the upper deck to stop the leaks.  However the rain on Sunday not only proved this to be unsuccessful but brought forth more leaks. GC contract was paid in full by the previous board president with no monies being held back for failure to complete the contract satisfactorily.

Minutes:  The minutes of the January 10 "2017 Annual Owners Meeting & Election" have been posted on the Towers website ""  Copies are also at the front desk and can be picked up at your convenience. 

Personnel:  We have advertised for a maintenance man, and have already interviewed a couple candidates. The personnel committee will be meeting to go over other applicants with recommendations to the board.  Until we get someone hired the trash dumpsters are being taken out by Charles (and, sometimes Don with Albert helping).  Anyone wishing to volunteer would be welcome.

Plumbing:  We had an emergency water leak, we traced it and discovered that it was coming from the hot water in the 15 stack.  We called a plumber, and was told that the pipes from the 5th floor to lower lobby needed to be replaced.  The plumber came out and replaced the pipes.  Even though it was emergency service, the charges were quite reasonable.  We were able to negotiate the cost from $8,100 to a total cost of $4,900 for a savings of better than $3,000. With a minimal expense to the Towers for the damage caused to owners units for drywall repairs, vanity removal and installation we incurred the cost of $4,265.

Pool:  The water level became low enough to cause the heater to shut off.  We added water and once the water level rose, we had to wait until the gas dissipated before turning the heater on. Once we were able to turn the heater on we discovered the pump had stopped working due to damage caused from it being allowed to circulate the salt water from hurricane Matthew.  The replacement pump has been installed, the heater is now working and the pool is warm enough to swim and enjoy.

Rentals/Listings:  A letter detailing the procedures to follow for units for rent and listing for sale was developed by Dave and Don.  It has gone out to all BOD for review. It will be posted on the Towers website at "" and distributed to the owners. 

Roof:  On December 19th the previous Board of Directors voted 4 - 2 to approve a contract with R&R to include repairs all-inclusive for the main building roof replacement and paid them a set-up fee of $81,000.  R&R was on site January 23 but indicated that the Verizon transmitters needed to be moved in order to begin the services.  We contacted Verizon and that has been taken care of and R&R has now started on the roof.  It is expected that they will be here each work day.  The ending date of services was not included in the contract. R&R completed their set-up last week and will begin work (weather permitting) this week at which time we will try to get a time frame from them when they may be completed. 

Saturday morning coffee/tea:  Many people are enjoying visiting with each other over pastries and coffee/tea on Saturday mornings at 10 O'clock.  A voluntary donation of $1 is appreciated,  get your morning sugar dose.

Social hour:  It’s nice to see quite a few people at this event.  It is a lot of fun, and we encourage you to attend Thursday nights at 5pm.  Please bring finger foods to share, and show off your skills!  Don't forget to bring your drink, see you there! 

Washers & Dryers:  We are looking into purchasing new washers & dryers which have not been replaced in several years, repairs are just not cost efficient.  We are in the process of gathering estimates and ask for your patience, as you can see there is a lot that needs to be accomplished here at the Towers. The repair man ask that we remind owners to please not overload the washers, this is causing the pumps to fail. Not to wash heavy comforters, rugs, etc. in the washers. Remember to clean the dryer vents, clean up after yourselves, remove your laundry in a timely manner and turn off the light. These are all complaints that we receive multiple times a day and very much appreciate your cooperation. 


There will be an advance meeting in the clubhouse for the impartial (tally) committee at 7 PM just before the Annual Owners meeting, Tuesday January 10/17 at 8 PM.  This is for the impartial committee to validate the outer envelopes in an open forum.

Ballots will still be accepted at the 8 PM meeting. 

The impartial committee members are William Hall (Chairman-Headteller), Sid Hansen (1009), Paula Blais (616)(1609), Carol Hall (1208), Mark Bigelow (12), Carol Nelson (115), Joy Newby (1412), Joan McGuire (1112), Pierre Roy (1016), Gus Nelson (115) Alternates Bernie Swenson (906) and Dave Somerville (1011)  


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, December 19, 2016

10:30AM in the Clubhouse


1. Call to Order 

2. Roll Call 

3. Approve prior meeting minutes 

4. Treasurers Report

5. Motion to approve pending contracts for;

a. Building north side concrete repair and painting of entire               building

b. Re roof clubhouse and main tower, including replacement of         exhaust fans and all insulation 

c. Re carpet the hallways, lobby and clubhouse 

d. Painting and wallpaper of the 16 floors in the main tower

6. Adjournment


Impartial (Tally) Committee 

Any owner interested to be on the Impartial (tally) Committee for the upcoming Board of Directors election to be held on January 10, 2017, please notify the office.  


The impartial committee members shall not include any of the following or their spouses:

Current board members

Officers and

Candidates for the board


There will be an informational

meeting on

Friday, December 9th, 2016

at 4:00 pm in the DBOT


This is not a Board of Directors



Dear Towers’ Owners and Residents:

Each year during the holiday season, the unit owners and residents of the Daytona Beach Ocean Towers have the opportunity to express appreciation to all of the Association’s employees by contributing to the Staff Holiday Fund.

If you choose to contribute to the Staff Holiday Fund, a separate check should be made payable to “DBOT Staff Holiday Fund”, and can be dropped off or mailed to the Towers Office by Monday, December 19, 2016 in order to allow time for accounting and distribution prior to the holidays. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


DBOT Board of Directors


Board of Directors Budget Selection Meeting

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

6:30 PM in the Clubhouse 


1. Call to Order 

2. Roll Call 

3. Approval of Minutes 

4. Members Vote Tally of Budget #1, #2 and #3

5. Board of Directors Passing of Selected Budget 

6. Treasurer’s Report  

7. Comments and Concerns


8. Adjournment 

Board Organizational Meeting


Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

6:30 PM in the Clubhouse 


1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Ray Bunnell Resignation

4. Director Appointment

5. Officers’ Election

 6. Adjournment