The Towers is a residential condominium, not a motel or resort. Our rules are strictly enforced.  Please help us make your stay an enjoyable and pleasant one.  Please consult Channel 98 on the TV and notices in the elevator for information about activities at The Towers.

REGISTRATION:  All lessees and overnight guests must register at the front desk upon arrival.  Occupancy is limited to 4 persons (plus infants) in 1 bedroom and 6 persons(plus infants) in 2 bedroom apartments.

PARKING:  Parking in the garage is limited to owners of designated spaces or those with written authorization from owners.  No vehicle is to be left unattended in the loading zone. No trailers are allowed in any of the parking areas. No backing in next to building.

CARTS:  Carts and Luggage dollies are to be returned promptly to the Lower Lobby.  They are not to be left in hallways or on the elevator.  No carts or dollies are to be kept in private apartments as others may need to use them.

ATTIRE:  Swim wear must always be covered and footwear must always be worn in the public areas of The Towers building.

BALCONIES:  Nothing shall be placed on the balconies that is visible from the street.  Nothing shall be thrown or dropped from the balconies.  No cooking is allowed on the balconies.  Feeding birds from the balconies is not permitted.  No metal furniture or rugs permitted as it undermines floor finish.

TRASH AND GARBAGE DISPOSAL:  Never put wet or raw garbage, except for large bones and fibrous materials, in the trash chute.  Items not appropriate for the kitchen disposal must be sealed tightly in plastic bags and dropped in the trash chute, which is located across from the elevators.  Items too large for the trash chute must be taken by you to the lower lobby.

LAUNDRY:  Each person is responsible for cleaning the machines after use.  Remove all articles promptly, others may be waiting.  Observe the posted rules.

DOORS:  Doors of units, laundry rooms or stairwells are not to be left open into the hallway. (fire regulation)

PETS:  Guests may not have pets in the building.  All authorized pets (under 20 pounds)  must be carried while in the public areas of the building.

POOL AREA:  Consult the signs in the pool area and attached pool rules.  The pool hours are from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

ELEVATORS:  Bicycles are not allowed on our elevators.  There is a bicycle storage room in the lower level garage.  It is advised that you lock your bicycles to the cable along the walls in the bicycle storage room. 

COMMON AREAS:  No smoking is permitted in the interior of the DBOT common areas.  Visitors and children  under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult resident when using the recreational facilities.

DELIVERIES:  Special permission required for Moving or furniture type deliveries on Sundays or after 6pm Monday through Saturday.

MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL: Entrance must be permitted into units by owners and occupants to ensure necessary maintenance and adequate control of insects. If owners have DEADLOCK BOLTS on their door, it is their responsibility to provide someone else with a key in their absence.  If forced entry is necessary in case of an emergency,  it will be at the owners expense.

ASSISTANCE:  Contact the receptionist (677-8333) if you have any questions concerning your stay in The Towers.  The desk is manned 24 hours a day for your safety and security.

               POOL INFORMATION

HOURS - 9:00 AM TO 10:00 PM SUMMER----9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM WINTER

1.   Children under 12 must be accompaied by an adult.

2.   No food or glass containers are allowed in the pool area.

3.   No drinks of any kind are allowed within four (4) feet of the large pool's curbing.

4.   No pets are allowed in the pool area.

5.   No running or horseplay is permitted in the pool area.

6.   No toys or floats, except Lifesaving swimmng aids, are allowed in the pool.

7.   Shower each time before entering the pool.

8.   No diving into the pool.

9   Young children must weak leak-proof protective garments.

10.  No one with an open sore is permitted in the pool.

11.  Sand and tar must be removed from the feet before entering the building.

12.  Trash should be disposed of properly in the trash containers.

13.  Chairs and lounges in the pool area should be covered with towels when oil or
        lotion is used.

14.  No radios, boomboxes, or TV's are permitted unless earphones or used.

15.  Table umbrellas must be closed after usage.

16.  Pool occupancy is limited to 31 persons.