Cooling Tower: Drained and cleaned the sludge out of the cooling tower also washed out the inside of the cooling tower.

Wheel Chair: A new Silver Sport wheel chair purchased from the Online Scoter Store for $192.00, retailed for $399.00.

Bench Tops: Replaced four new 60" bench tops for the front entrance from Art Crete. The other bench tops were badly cracked.

Roof Cleaned: Wayne's Roofing pressured washed entire roof using stiff brushes and cleaner such as simple green to remove stains on roof. Probe all seams on roof, photographed before & after conditions. Completed maintenance verification checklist and sent to warranty.   Cost $1754.00

Roof Probed: After roof was cleaned, all flashing and seams were probed and repaired. A visual inspection revealed holes in membrane caused by dropping weights, swing stage arms, plywood, etc. on roof without proper protection. Painting contractor used integral parts of the system as tie off points on the roof e.g. one way valves, curb flashing, pipes and pipe supports. Cost $1615.00

Ceiling Repairs: Due to roof damage Prep- Rite repaired ceiling for 1702,, 1705, 1708, 1715, 1716 and hallway of 17th floor. The damaged ceiling areas were scraped, filled, apply texture, repainted where damage was.

Paint Dividers: Maintenance crew painted 54 balcony dividers on South Side . (3) Units No Key access available.

Front Entrance: Maintenance staff has painted front entrance with a product called Floor -Tex which is a durable, non-slip, texture coating that provides a decorative finish to be used for concrete surfaces that hides imperfections and enhances the overall appearance.

Shuffle Board Court: Maintenance staff pressure washed and repainted shuffle board court and also re stenciled the court.

Shuffle Board Pavers : Maintenance removed the pavers by the shuffle board court and applied vaulkin material and reset pavers to eliminate water leak into lower garage.

Generator : Repair work completed on newer (Katolight) generator.  New premium battery installed . cleaned connections and sealed all terminals. Have requested reimbursement in the amount of $460.00 per contract from Verizon .

Elevator: Elevator third party inspection completed. Only (2) violations. 1) Guard on Pit Light missing which has been corrected. 2) Fire recall - Door Open Button was bad and corrected.

Elevator Cabs: Back wall of elevator cabs stainless steel panels installed in each elevator, new stainless steel grab bars installed with ceiling painted, new crown molding, new floor tile for a total price of $2,700.

Fire Extinguisher : Annual certification of Fire Extinguishers (includes seals & tags) $4.75 each by Advance Fire & Safety . Annual service is intended to give maximum assurance the extinguisher will operate safely and effectively. Examination of cylinder for physical damage or tampering, check gauge for proper cylinder pressure, determine fullness by weighing, inspection of nozzle, valve and hose assemblies. Check for broken or missing seals and pull rings and 6 year dates. A tag was securely fastened identifying having performed the service. Every six years , stored pressure extinguishers must be emptied and subjected to a full internal inspection such as going through all mechanical parts and extinguishing agent guide lines set by NFPA.   Also, a safety class was held and the maintenance crew and front desk was taught how to use a fire extinguisher.

Fire Alarms: Annual Fire Alarm inspection as required by Department of Insurance and Fire Marshall. WSA tested all accessible Fire Alarm devices and fire control panel.

Daytona Fire Dept.: A re-examination of fire hoses & stand pipe inspections took place to determine compliance and the violations have been remedied and Mr. Newell issued a compliance letter.

Mulch: Maintenance crew spread 32 yards of red mulch around property.

Paving Bid: North parking lot was resealed with (2) coats of Tarconite seal and repaired several spot patching due to damage from construction dumpster being pulled in and out, 9 parking stalls restripped and 68 ft. of double yellow centerlines restripped for a total of $1,100.00 Parkin Markin.

Pool Re Strapping: Got a price from ET Distributors to replace straps on pool chaise lounges and it would run $4.00 a strap and there are 220 bad straps = $963.00. 1 of our maintenance men has stepped up to the plate and has worked on developing and learning the technique on replacement straps using the vinyl double wrap method required. Also, Found a website that demonstrates with a video step by step how to wrap the vinyl strapping.

Bike Room: Bicycle Maintenance installed 2 wall exhaust fans and new door on the bike room and keyed the door to the security key. Bike storage really needs to be cleaned out and reorganized. All bicycles stored in the bike room need to be tagged with unit name & unit number. Monitored on a monthly basis.

Hot Water Riser: Hot water riser which supplies hot to the water bathrooms on each floor of the 12* stack was repaired from the roof down to Lower Level.   The system was flushed out and drained . All closet wall areas to the bathrooms cut open to disconnect and remove old rusted out galvanized hot water main serving 17 floors. Separate hot water ball valves installed. Lou's repiped using CPVC Guard Gold piping each floor and fill void in where the new pipe went in with foam insulation also tested out at end of each work day (3) times for any leaks.. Approximately five working days to complete total job. Maintenance staff put in the final cover for access where the walls were opened up. Cost $11.800.00

Expansion Joint Repair: Along entire south end of building where concrete meets building, approximately 300 linear feet, entire joint was pressured washed to remove contaminants, remove all old sealant, then proper Dow backer rod installed in joint and entire joint re-sealed with waterproofing silicon. Five year warranty. Cost $4,365.00

Other Updates and Correspondence

General Correspondence

         October 34 late notices was mailed out


         October 3 Intent to lien letters sent out.


         Letter wrote concerning collection of unpaid balance of $13,716.00 to Hill York. The Towers is
disputing the validity of this debt.   Hill York Service made unsuccessful attempts to complete the
working performance of our boiler equipment. Their work was subsequently corrected by another



Recent unit resale's

         807, conveyed to   Victoria & Theron Whidden


         302, conveyed to   Juvenal Vera


         516, conveyed to   Juvenal Vera


         411 conveyed to    Troy & Janet Moody



Paint north parking lot sidewalks

Coat Clubhouse roof

Maintenance will pressure wash clubhouse and paint exterior

Paint Lower Garage Parking Walls

Insulate Fire Walls




Building and Grounds Committee



November 23, 2010

 Call to order at 6:30 pm. 

Present at the meeting were Roger Verstay, Ed McConnell, Carol Ward, Bill Badger, and Fred McDaniels. Roger chaired the meeting.

      Thanks to the current members of the B & G committee for serving
this past year.


      Accomplished this past year from the list of things to be done were: Cooling Tower; Handicap Ramp; Lobby; Roto Rooter of the drains; and Concrete restoration almost completed.


      Extras that were done: Elevator refurbished; South side expansion
joint; Piping to the 12th stack; and North parking lot resealed and


      Straps on the outside chairs are being redone by Troy.


      Joe Campano and Lisa Chamberlain are looking into new lights for
the elevator.


The pool is still waiting on the city. It is an ongoing procedure.

Report on the balcony/painting project: The overall job is good, however there was some sloppy work that needs to be taken care of. A punch list has been prepared for the contractor and it will be up to him if he chooses to return. Otherwise, it will be done in-house. Bill brought up the fact that many of the windows need to have the overspray paint removed. This can only be done by scraping a wet window with a scraper. It will be decided what will be done after the contractor has had a chance to fix it. Towers maintenance has been painting the sidewalks that were messed up by the contractor. We will charge him for that work, the north parking lot resealing and also for some damage done to the roof.

Recommendations for next year: Dianna Gordon, Mgr. has a list of things she feels needs to be done. They are: Repair the rusted piping on the rooftop; Replace the cement block that has been blown out by the holding tower walking deck; Install steel doors on the entrance to the boiler room and the cooling tower; Repair cement blow out at the southwest corner of roof edge; Replace galvanized pipe in the bathroom hot water riser of next important stack as needed; Repair joint at east side of stairway at roof level; Repair joint at carport roof level 2nd floor; and Replace windows and doors at north and south entrance with impact glass. (It was mentioned that Dianna has really been on top of things and if anyone sees anything that needs to be done, let her know.)

There was a suggestion by Fred to put a sign up in the garage near each of the fire extinguishers, so they can easily be found. Joe Campano also had suggested we install the automatic flush system in the lower lobby bathrooms, to conserve water.

Toilet Flushing: Toilets will be flushed in vacant apartments when the pest control comes each month. Many toilets are not used and the water evaporates, causing a sewer smell in apartments above and below. If you are leaving for a long time, you should cover your bowls with saran wrap. This helps prevent the evaporation of the water. If you notice any smells, report it to the front office. Also, if you hear water running continuously, report it, because a flap may not be tight. The constant running of the water means more expense.

Laundry: Laundry room lights are being left on and this causes us more electric. Bill suggested that we look into putting automatic on/off on each laundry room switch. If you see a light on, please shut it off. We are still looking into a commercial size washer/dryer to be put in the lower level. Ventilation of the dryer will have to be looked into.

Lower Lobby: The ceiling tile in the lower lobby should be replaced. We have samples of washable tiles with a 10 year guarantee.

Service Elevator: The plywood that is on the floor should be cut and notched to fit all the way to the front of the elevator. This way the front of the floor will not get damaged. It was brought up that people are moving large items through the front lobby doors, causing a risk to the glass in the front entrance. Please remember that all large items are to come through the double doors in the lower lobby.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.





September 14th, 2010



From: The Chair


The Building and Grounds Committee


The building and grounds committee has not held a meeting since May of this year.  The committee members have been busy working to complete the projects approved at that meeting.


Building waterproofing and restoration - several committee members have been involved in inspection and acceptance of this project since the committee took on this responsibility in January of 09.  This has involved as many as five inspections per balcony since January.  Many thanks to Tom Roam, Roger Verstay, Ed and Sherrri McConnell, Fred McDaneils, Bill Badger and all who been involved in making sure the association received what was paid for.  The project should be completed within weeks and we are currently involved with final inspections.   


Pool Code Update.  The association has applied for a variance to allow certain non complying aspects of our 45 year old pool to remain, while we bring the plumbing and filtration system into compliance with current code.  The state has scheduled a hearing for the association, which should take place within the next couple of weeks.


In Door Air Quality and Equipment Review - The association is still seeking an Engineer who is qualified to look at our existing structure, original design, current problems and design a indoor air system to meet association needs.


Expansion Joint - The expansion joint at the base of the building's South wall where the building abuts the parkng garage is leaking profusely with each rain.  Management has been taking bid's on new expansions for the building and South Canopy.


Personal Notes:  Dr. Ann Ward one of the association's longest serving Board members and past President, has taken - up new residence, which provides more care for her day-to-day needs,  Dr. Ward served on too many boards to count and as president for five years at one stretch.   Her drive, expertise in linguistics and association law will not likely be provided by one individual to such an exemplary degree anytime soon if at all.  We all wish her God's Speed into the future.